b. 18 September 1979, Romania
lives and works in Bucharest

Saint Machine is the pseudonym of a Romanian experimental artist and curator, interested in the conceptual aspects of perception. She is the author of immersive and responsive installations that investigate biological processes and study the notion of space as living structure in its superposing instances: public-private, interior-exterior, real-virtual, physical-imaginary, hidden-revealed. They are organism-like sculptures that carry a digital core, use the human body to function and question the willingness to cede physicality and biological needs in exchange for digital content. In the interaction with these hybrid organisms emitting light, one’s success in controlling them is always equivalent to letting oneself assimilated by them.

I, HUMAN – body responsive installation
| Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, 2019
| Athens Digital Arts Festival, 2019
| RADAR Festival, Bucharest, 2019
| FUSION – Art & Science exhibition, Bucharest, 2019
| Medialab-Prado, Madrid, February 2019
| FUSION – Art Residency at Măgurele Science Institutes, 2018
HYBRID SENSORIUM – responsive installation
| La Nave Digital Gallery, MADATAC X, Madrid, February 2019
| Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens, May 2018
| RectoVRso, Art & VR Gallery – Laval Virtual, April 2018
| Ars Electronica Festival, AI – The Other I, Post City, Linz, Sept 2017
NOW | participative installation
| OPENLAB – Bucharest ECoC Candidacy Programme, ARCUB Gabroveni, Aug 2016
FEED ME – interactive multimedia installation
| Kanellopoulos Cultural Centre, Eleusis, Aug-Nov 2016
| Ars Electronica Festival, Post City, Linz, Sept 2015
| Bucharest White Night, University Square, Bucharest, Sept 2014
| Galateca Gallery, Bucharest, April-June 2014

AUTHENTIC ROMANIAN | Illustration project, Romanian Object Design, Cărturești, 2012
HD Voice | 3d mapping, Architecture University, 2011
VERTICAL | video mapping, Xtreme@b-fit in the street, Architecture University, 2009

CURATORIAL PROJECTS | Bucharest, May – June 2018
METAMORPHOSES | ARCUB Gabroveni, Bucharest, May-December 2017
BUCHAREST NOW, urban Interventions, OPEN LAB, Bucharest Candidacy for ECoC, 2016
Playground for Animation | Cocor Urban Screen, 1-5 Dec 2009
URBAN ART FESTIVAL (III) Cocor Media Channel, Sept 2009
URBAN ART FESTIVAL (II), Palace of Parliament, Bucharest Architecture University, Coltea, 2008
URBAN ART FESTIVAL (I), Palace of Parlament, Sept 2007
Who’s Afraid of Glass, Ioan Nemțoi, Museums Quartier, Vienna, May 2007
Communication BREAKdown, Simona Vilău, Cărturești Verona, 9-16 May 2007
artmix | interactive multimedia project & contempory art archive, Bucharest National Theatre, 2006
1200°C | Cărturești, Galeria Nemțoi, 1-15 Nov 2005
MY EXTRAVAGANZA |  glass installations, Ioan Nemțoi, Oxo Tower Wharf, London, McLaren Technology Centre, Woking, 2004


2005-2006: National University of Arts Bucharest – Art History Master

2002-2005: University of Political Sciences – Communication and Media Studies

2000-2004: Foreign Languages and Literature Faculty (EN-FR)

1994-1998: Școala Centrală


E: | M: +40 728 85 85 88