Feed Me

With a self-ironical approach, the project is calling the subjects of the monstrous and perpetually insatiable goddess TRA to her feeding ritual. The entire exhibition functions as a living organism that feeds on the energy produced by the visitors’ movements. Inside Womb of Tra, an interactive 9 meter long capsule carrying digital content that moves, pulses and breathes on a common rhythm, space is structured in narrowing concentric circles, creating worlds that include each other and cocoon around a magical protection space, thus the public is activated on several levels. 

Beyond time and space

Feeding Tra is very much like making a ritual journey: she swallows her visitors through the input opening and vomits them, transformed. Once immersed into the womb, the visitor discovers The Secret Memories, seven 2.5d tarot animations created by NOPER, that break the organic substance of the cocoon and urge you to pass through into an eerie world of repetitive sequences beyond time and space.

A Sacred Egg

In the middle of this world, Sacred Egg invites you to offer your head, swallows it and feeds on your energy to return to life. After connecting your head to its orifice, you are able to determine its actions and become part of it.

Feed Me @ Bucharest White Night, 2014

“I had already collaborated with Noper as a curator for some years when I proposed to him to create something together. Feed Me was the moment I started to create interactive installations. I had already sketched Sacred Egg several years back and used it to develop the concept. Together with Noper, powered by an insane working enthusiasm, without even being aware of what were doing until it was over, we shaped Feed Me, intertwining our works without thinking too much which piece is whose. Out of this playing together, Womb of Tra emerged, a capsule that I created as a set up solution to incorporate The Secret Memories of Noper, facing Sacred Egg orifice. In this process, we also “corrupted” Sergiu Negulici for the 3d animation inside Sacred Egg, Tudor Calnegru for animating The Secret Memories of Noper and Mitoș Micleușanu for the sound design of the entire installation. We glued our works into something that the visitors experienced as a whole.”


concept & design: Marilena Oprescu Singer

music & sound design:  MITOȘ MICLEUȘANU
3d animation: SERGIU NEGULICI
software engineer: MARIUS FARCAȘ

photo credit: Cristian Vasile aka IGU