Three physical bodies with a digital core demand the attention of an observer to turn their cavities from randomness into living tissue and transfer active content from one to another through humans. The immersion of the head through their orifice feeds an endless space, alive and responding to the presence of an observer by structuring itself into living fragments that one can move with one’s eyes. This virtual inner world is defined by volition and velocity, particles you drag with your gaze are shape shifting, moving into interacting fluid structures, growing and decaying, depending on gaze speed and direction. The moment when the viewer gets to control the environment is when it becomes a trap, the eyes are captive to constrained linearity and fear that a single saccade can break the rhythm and cause irreversible alteration. The entire installation is created around the idea of the transfer of “living/active content” that contaminates the environment it reaches with its properties, or lets itself contaminated by the environment just to survive. Residing in the gap junction of the three, the viewers become the source of the particles’ dynamics while completely subduing their own mobility. Activating all tubes at once transforms them into organs of a single living organism. The viewers, even if unaware, become content generators and carriers of active content in the same time. The observers function as connectors that compensate for the gap between the three structures to ensure their flux. The three tubes continue their connectivity even if they are separated and displayed in different locations.

This installation is in progress in my head.