I, HUMAN project uses human emotional cohesion mediated by technology to influence the feeding conditions of unicellular organisms, in an attempt to identify emergent properties at different scales. A circuit of interconnected masks howls like wolves asking to be fed with emotions. They attempt to hack the biological system of the users by collecting their biometrical data and analyse their individual emotional status, as well as the degree of cohesion of the group. The visitors are invited to override their personal context and pay attention to the emotional status of the others in order to emotionally synchronise and control a bio-photonics experiment and observe it in real time. However, this will not be an easy task, as the soundscape offered to each user will induce different psychological states. The installation is testing new models of collective behaviour ecology, making a critical commentary on the impact technology has on human behaviour. I, HUMAN is a trans-disciplinary project, a mixture of multimedia installation, performance, using deep learning algorithms and bio-photonics, to investigate subjects such as swarm intelligence. I, HUMAN is developed around the idea of interconnectivity, trying to visually illustrate how a local, individual interaction can sometimes produce collective outcomes.

The installation has been presented as a work in progress in February 2019 in Bucharest and Madrid simultaneously. The visitors of FUSION exhibition at Rezidenta BRD Scena9 and MADATAC Festival at Medialab-Prado interacted with each other in real time through the I, HUMAN modules.

The complete version of the installation has been launched in September at Ars Electronica Festival 2019 – participation organised by ARTMIX Cultural Association (now Transformative Radical Arts) with the support of Romanian Cultural Institute.


I, HUMAN is a body installation I started to work on in collaboration with senior researcher Marian ZAMFIRESCU in August 2018, during FUSION artist residency organised by Fundația9 at Romanian Centre for Advanced Laser Technologies. As I developped the concept, I invited Alexandru­-Florin VARTIC, Sorin OLEXIUC (programming) and Radu Mititelu to join the team and for the launching of the installation at ARS ELECTRONICA in 2019 the team grew adding Mitoș MICLEUȘANU (sound design), Bogdan CĂLIN (laser physics).



photo credit: Black Horse Mansion