Incremental God v0.1

bby Saint Machine & Sergiu Negulici, in collaboration with Micleușanu Mitoș

Incremental God v 0.1 Defining the Markov Blanket is the point zero of an endeavor to create virtual content that evolves in time using the observers’ conscious and non-conscious emotional reactions. 

The project proposes creating a virtual organic world whose growth and decay is influenced by the emotional reactions of its observers cumulated in time. The online viewers are being asked to interact with it simply by allowing the browser permission to open their camera while watching the animation. Both their voluntary and involuntary facial expressions will be used to influence the virtual world where another observer lives: a virtual female character whose internal organs are physically connected to the negative space surrounding her body. 

The project can be developed by adding offline interaction: a possible offline public can walk into her body by wearing a physical armour containing a VR mask and thus by simple physical movements can influence the character and the clusters of particles she’s connected to. The moment when we have online observers present simultaneous with the virtual character being occupied by a user that is the moment when Incremental God environment becomes a negotiation space between online & offline input, between understanding and acting, between the now and the implemented memory.

The project starts from a set of initial conditions and evolves according to the input of the viewers. The observers are facing an artwork that feeds them back with the data they feed into the system. The project is inspired by the principle of computational irreducibility that states that the only way to determine the response to a computationally irreducible request is to actually perform, or simulate, the computation. Incremental God takes this idea further to the concept of lived space. The work uses the diversity of user behavior combinations to create an environment that comes into existence incrementally, while experiencing it. The perception of Incremental God world is simultaneous with the observers’ involuntary emotional reactions that influence it, this making understanding impossible in the absence of performing.

Incremental God v 0.1 Defining the Markov Blanket is about defining the vital space for the existence of the virtual character. Similar to a permeable membrane, the principle of existence of any cell, this incipient phase is the basic condition for autonomous life, but also a recurrent stage of any living organism whenever reasserting its identity is needed. To survive and live in a symbiosis with her environment, without being assimilated by it, she needs to constantly redefine her space in an environment filled with digital sediments.

Saint Machine is a Romanian experimental artist, the author of interactive sculptures that carry a digital core, use the human body to function and question the willingness to cede biological needs in exchange for digital content. In the interaction with her hybrid organisms emitting light, one’s success in controlling them is always equivalent to letting oneself assimilated by them. The collaboration with Sergiu Negulici started in 2014 for the interactive animation inside Sacred Egg (Feed Me) and continued with Hybrid Sensorium (2017). Sergiu Negulici is a Romanian visual artist that creates multilayered abstract objects, partly sculptures and partly drawings. He is also a film director, his short animation films having won several awards such as „Jean Luc Xiberras Award” for a First Film at Annecy 2018, Grand Award at CINANIMA and Grand Prize at Hiroshima International Animation Festival.