Incremental God

Incremental God is an interactive animation depicting an organic world whose growth and decay is influenced by the cumulated non-conscious reactions of its observers. The online viewers are asked permission to open their camera while watching the animation. Their involuntary facial expressions are used to control the virtual world where another observer lives: a female character whose internal organs are physically connected to the negative space surrounding her body. It starts from a set of initial conditions and evolves according to the input of the viewers. The work develops an ouroboros situation where the observers are fed back with the information they feed into the system. The principle of computational irreducibility states that the only way to determine the response to a computationally irreducible request is to actually perform, or simulate, the computation. Incremental God take this further and applies it to the concept of lived space and time. The work uses the diversity of user behaviour combinations to create an environment that come into existence incrementally while experiencing it. The perception of this world is simultaneous with the observers’ involuntary emotional reactions that influence it. Thus, understanding becomes impossible in the absence of performing.

Incremental God is a project I am currently working on together with Sergiu Negulici. Our collaboration started in 2014 for the interactive animation inside Sacred Egg (Feed Me) and continued with Hybrid Sensorium in 2017. This time we’ve been inspired by Niet Normaal INT presents: Impossible Bodies theme and decided to create a symbiotic work.

Sergiu Negulici is a Romanian visual artist that creates multilayered abstract objects, partly sculptures and partly drawings. His works have underlying complex mathematical structures that need to be understood as a whole, thus he mostly displays them in the context they were created: in his studio, in nature or the urban space, such as in the case of “Peripheries” a site-specific work he created in 2016 to connect Ferentari ghetto area of Bucharest to the historical city center. He is also a film director, his short animation films having won several awards such as „Jean Luc Xiberras Award” for a First Film at Annecy, Grand Award at CINANIMA and Grand Prize at Hiroshima International Animation Festival.

collaborators: Răzvan Vasilache, Alexandru-Florin Vartic, Sorin Olexiuc (programming)