Sacred Egg is an interactive media sculpture that swallows your head and feeds on your energy to stay alive. After connecting your head to the egg orifice, the tubular embryo inside starts to breathe and keeps breathing as long as you stay connected. The moment you take your head out of the egg, it reacts violently, screaming, throwing triangles and eventually dying. Sacred Egg points to the continuous present in the making, it is about potentiality, perpetually repetitive but insufficient physicality, continuous death and revival. While offering the illusion of control, it is stealing your senses, absorbing your attention. Looking from behind, all there is left of you is a beheaded hanging body, voided of individual will and responding only to the feeding needs of an insatiable hybrid egg.

| body responsive sculpture |

body responsive installation by Saint Machine

interactive 3d animation: Marilena Oprescu Singer (concept & design) Sergiu Negulici (3d animation), Mitoș Micleușanu (sound design), Răzvan Levarda (programming)