URBAN ART (2007)

Urban Art concept is based on the display of the works of art in the public space of the city, as interventions that transform the architecture on which they’re projected. The challenge of the project consists in its reference to the context, the work of art taking the role of a fluid membrane that envelops the building as its second skin. Urban Art explores the public space, wishing to create a context for the reinterpretation of the urban and for the reactivation of spaces through art, other than exposing it as monuments. Urban Art 2007 is the first architectural projection festival in Romania, a pilot project, which offers  an artistic platform and a flexible logistic frame for the annual performance of a cultural event dedicated to the city. I think that this type of project has a very important potential for the artists, for whom it was a challenge, as well as for the city, for which it might become in the future a prestigious brand.” Marilena Oprescu, Urban Art curator.

URBAN ART 2007, Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, 17th of September 2007

participating artists:

Timon Botez, audio-video performance (UK), Matei Branea, visual artist (RO), Vali Chincișan, computer art (RO), Neil Coltofeanu, visual artist (RO), Djahz & Koshimin, audio-visual performance, Mircea Florian, artist multimedia (RO), Dumitru Gorzo, painting & street art (RO), IRLO, graffiti (RO), Iosif Kiraly, photography (RO), Ștefan Lucuț, digital art (RO), Mircea Maieru, photography (RO), Ana-Maria Micu, visual artist (RO), Olivia Mihălțianu, visual artist (RO), Cosmin Moldovan, visual artist (RO), Vlad Nancă, visual artist (RO), Ioan Nemțoi, glass artist (RO), NOPER, illustration, (RO) Andu Novac, photography (RO), OTHER, artist graffiti (CA), Romelo Pervolovici, artist video (RO), Anton Petrașincu, visual artist (RO), Cătălin Petrisor, visual artist (RO), Alexandru Rădvan, paiting (RO), SADDO, street art (RO), SINBOY, artist stencil (UK), Andras Szabo, tehnică proprie (HU), Roman Tolici, painting (RO), TARA, graphics (RO), Stefan Tuchilă, photography (RO), Simona Viău, painting (RO)

curator: Marilena Oprescu