Womb of Tra is an immersive metal cocoon where real and virtual space overlap and you become a pawn playing against your will the game of alienation induced by repetitive routine actions. A multidimensional space, hungry to absorb your attention and use the force of your body. The user can enter the artwork and has access to its controlling mechanisms; the artwork becomes an extension of the body and the anonymous visitor is transformed into a creator, because only his/her energy gives a meaning to the entire exhibition. Entering Womb of Tra is very much like making a ritual journey. Tra swallows her visitors through the input orifice, alters and vomits them through the output opening. At the first display of the project in May 2014 at Galateca Gallery, part of the concave walls of the cocoon were coated with a cluster of hand-modeled cilia that formed a giant sensorial area with touch sensors incorporated inside around the seven screens. Innerform cilia shield inside Womb of Tra originated in the idea of the scar tissue forming around wounds. They activated different reactions to each of the characters in the animations of Noper, depending on the cilia area you touched. The “Innerform” idea grew, and for the second display of the project at the University Square in September 2014, the cilia were replaced with a network of tubes whose interaction consists in the direct contact with them, the visitors being able to communicate through them from one end to the other of the cocoon. Innerform tubes demand you to feed them with your whispers some of which were amplified them at the end of the tubes, while others were lost, wandering about inside the fluid tubes web.